Montalto Uffugo Records

stemmaI began another website called Cosenza Exchange to host all the records I obtained. What began as a family project has expanded to the entire town. The records on Cosenza Exchange are complete years for the whole town of Montalto Uffugo. I decided to keep the records separate from this site. The right side of the page lists all the records for Montalto Uffugo that I currently have up on Cosenza Exchange. The site is a work in progress and there is much missing but the marriages are close to complete. I am working on the missing years of marriages and put them up as I complete them.


I have tried my best to read the handwriting and transcribe the information the best I can. Where I am unsure of a name I put a ?. I transcibed the information as it was written in the documents. While transcribing I noticed names spelled differently than the spellings I had become familiar with. I good example of this would be the first name Tomasso. Often spelled Tommaso in the records. The same issue occurred with the similar surname DiTomasso. I have transcibed the names as written. If you see a misspelled name or are using a search engine to search for your surname, remember this and check multiple spellings.

The State Civil Records of Italy

The state civil records began during the rule of Napoleon Buonaparte around 1809. In all the countries he ruled, he required that records should be kept pertaining to births, deaths and marriages in a certain format. The result of that requirement in Italy is the Stato Civile, still is use today in modern Italy. These records are required by law. They differ from other records also kept by the government. These records are referred to as "acts" not certificates. A birth certificate in Italy does not contain much information other than the date, time and place a baby was born and the baby's name. A birth act (from the state civil records) contains this information plus both parent's names, address or section of town they lived in, the parent's ages (in some cases only the father's age), their father's name (in some cases only the father's fathers name) and both parent's professions. Also on this record is the names, occupations and ages of several witnesses. The witnesses are often family or close friends. All of these state civil records contain the information of more than 1 generation.

State Civil Office

Where To Write for records
Comune Ufficio di Stato Civile
Via Municipio, CAP 87046, Montalto Uffugo (Cosenza), Italy

Phone: +39 984 931853

Person in charge: Giuseppina Abate