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 Ellis IslandI have never found my Grandfather's ship records entering this country. Some of the Ellis Island ship records have been lost to time and others were lost in a warehouse fire. But in my years of searching I found many people from Montalto Uffugo who came to America. As I found these records of immigrants from Montalto Uffugo I wondered about them. I wondered if they were friends or relations of my Grandfather. I wondered who they left behind and why they left. Some had familiar names, others did not. As I searched for my Grandfather's records, I found other people's Grandfathers. My curiousity led me to document immigration records of other people from Montalto Uffugo. My original reason for looking up other surnames from Montalto Uffugo was the hope that through their ship manifest I would find my Grandfather's name. As I found names linked to my family I wondered if they were his cousins. I began comparing birth records to the immigration records. I did find that some of these people were my Grandfather's cousins. I spend hundreds of hours on this. I feel I must share it here. Between 1880 and 1920 more than 4 million Italians has immigrated to the United States. That represented more than 10 percent of the population of Italy at the time. Two out of every three people who left Italy went to South America. Although Montalto Uffugo was not affected as dramatically as many other villages in Italy by the mass immigration, as you will see here, they did lose a many citizens to other countries. During my grandfather's time the majority of people who left Montalto Uffugo left for the United States and Argentina. Later after World War II many went to Canada and during the 60's through the present even more left for Northern Italy.

Italian Immigrants I will attempt to list here the immigration information I have come across in my research. The people on these pages listed themselves with former residences in Montalto Uffugo. This is not a complete compilation of all former Montalto Uffugo citizens. Some of the people have more than 1 ship record. It was common for them to go back and forth. I will start with the basic information listed on the ship manifests. I will list the ship name and date of arrival in New York and underneath will be the names and ages of passengers from Montalto Uffugo. I have been able to match some of the immigrants with their State Cival birth records and will list them here also with their parent's names. All ships departed from Naples unless otherwise indicated. At this time, these records are in no order. Please note you can click on any pictute on this site and see a larger version of the same picture. If you want to see detail of the manifests I have added here, just click on them.

United States Immigration

During the Mass Migration Period

Lady LibertyYou may view an Excel spreadsheet of many citizens of Montalto Uffugo who left for the United States from 1895-1925 here. The rest of this area, I will highlight some citizens who left Montalto Uffugo for the United States. I will include a link to their ship manifest image.

The Phoenicia arrived in New York on May 3, 1902. Aboard were Montalto Uffugo citizens Pietro Arturi, age 19, Francesco LoFeudo, age 30 and Francesco Ventura, age 31. The ship record is here.

The Europa arrived in New York on March 26, 1914. Aboard were Angelo Arturi, age 23, Francesco Calomino, age 34, Luigi Cesario, age 34 and Michele Maida, age 21.

The Piemonte arrived in New York on May 6, 1906. Quite a few people from Montalto Uffugo were on this ship. I have listed their names below. You can view the ship manifest here.

  • Pietro Pesce, age 25
  • Francesco Arturi, age 38
  • Vincenzo Arturi, age 30
  • Angelo Saullo, age 23
  • Santo Saullo, age 28
  • Francesco Salerno, age 31
  • Giuseppe Napolitano, age 25
  • Giuseppe Saullo, age 28
  • Maria Leone, age 30
  • Giuseppe Di Cesare age 34
  • Rosa Perchia, age 26
  • Lecoche Zinibado, age 24
  • Antonio Lalo, age 18
  • Giuseppe Aiello, age 42
  • Emilia Aiello, age 33
  • Francesco Aiello, age 15
  • Ferdinando Aiello, age 12
  • Clorindo Aiello, age 11
  • Gasparo Aiello, age 6
  • Assunta Aiello, age 10
  • Emilia Aiello, age 4

Pietro Pesce was the son of Pasquale Pesce and Carolina Arturi. He married Maria Rosa Napolitano in 1902. She is the daughter of Ignazio and Eugenia Fullone. The Giuseppe Napolitano on this ship was my grandfather's cousin. This is one of several ship manifests that bear his name.

The Ems sailed from the Port of Genoa and arrived in New York on July 19, 1900. On board were Giovanni Morelli, age 16, Vincenzo Arturi, age 26 and Michele DeBuono, age 26. The manifest image is here.

The Luisiana (not to be confused with the infamous ship Lusitania) arrived in New York on June 28, 1913. On board were Pietro Sannuto, age 17, Raffaele Filippello, age 41 and Gaetano Garrafa, age 34. Gaetano Garrafa is the son of Saverio Garrafa and Giuseppina Seofano. The Oceania arrived in New York on May 13, 1912. This ship carried Salvatore DeFrancisco, age 30, Francesco Gaetano Aiello, age 26 and Enrico Aiello, age 17 to the United States.

Another voyage of the ship Oceania arrived in New York on May 3, 1910. This ship image can be seen here. Below is a list of passengers from Montalto Uffugo.

  • Giuseppe Marciano, age 17
  • Luigi Martino, age 35
  • Michele Ruffolo, age 37
  • Giuseppe DeLuca, age 30
  • Rocco Napolitano, age 17
  • Vincenzo LoFeudo, age 29
  • Luigi Porro, age 37
  • Michele Mele, age 36
  • Carmen Aloe, age 16

Rocco Napolitano is my grandfather's cousin on both his mother's and his father's side of the family. Rocco's parents were Aguila Arturi and Enrico Napolitano. He went to Chicago.

The Citta Di Milano sailed from Napoli and arrived in New York on March 1, 1903. Aboard this ship was Giuseppe Napolitano, age 22, his brother Eugenio Napolitano, age 25 and Luigi Trotta, age 31. Brothers, Giuseppe and Eugenio Napolitano were the children of Angelo Napolitano and Aguilina Napolitano. Eugenio returned to Italy while Giuseppe went on to live in Chicago and become a U.S. citizen. The ship manifest can be viewed here .

The Stampalia arrived in New York on October 26, 1912. On board were Maria Concetta Garrafa Napolitano, age 27, her children, Angiolino Napolitano, age 1 and Aguilina Napolitano, age 3 and her cousin Pietro Folino, age 19. Maria Concetta and the Napolitano children are the family of Giuseppe Napolitano on the Citta Di Milano. Their final destination is listed as Chicago while Pietro Folino is going to New York. The manifest can be viewed here.

The Cedric arrived in New York on February 11, 1907. This ship carried Francesco Lo Feudo, age 35, Giuseppe Napolitano, age 27 and Antonio Napolitano, age 20. Antonio Napolitano is the son of Ignazio Napolitano and Maria Eugenia Fullone. I beleive all 3 men were cousins. Their ship manifest can be viewed here.

The Duca degli Abruzzi arrived in New York on June 21, 1910 and brought brothers Giuseppe Napolitano, age 30 and Florindo Napolitano, age 23. Yes, it is the same Giuseppe again, this time with his brother Florindo Fiore who only used his middle name in this country. This appears to be Giuseppe's final voyage. He is a cousin of my grandfather. This manifest is here.

The Philadelphia arrived on July 5, 1920 and brought Erminio DeSeta, age 27 and Giuseppe Capano, age 25 to the United States. The Caronia arrived on October 16, 1920 sailing from Cherbourg, France. This ship brought Francesco Rizzo, age 13 and Francesco DeSeta, age 25 to the United States. The Taormina arrived July 2, 1913 carrying Fiore Garrafa, age 33. Fiore is going to see his brother in law in Harrison, New Jersey. This ship manifest can be viewed here. The Lombardia arrived on April 2, 1909 and brought Luigi Garrafa, age 33 and Luigi Salerno, age 26. Luigi went on to Canada and then immigrated to Argentina where he died. An interesting note, Luigi Garrafa is going to see his wife, Maria Zingone. Normally it is the wife who joins the husband later. Luigi Garrafa is the son of Pietro Garrafa and Luisa Napolitano. This ship manifest can bew viewed here. Also on this ship are a number of people from Paola.

The ship Giuseppe Verdi arrived on April 3, 1920. Aboard were Vincenzo Cesario, age 75, Rosina Aiello, age 32, Francesco Aiello, age 9, Caterina Aiello, age 7 and Rocco Saullo, age 31.

The Nord America arrived July 25, 1907. On board was Angoila Folino, age 29 and her children Ernieri Folino Napolitano, age 7 and Assunta Napolitano, age 5. This is the family of another Giuseppe Napolitano - they are leaving to join him. Ernieri's name on his birth record is Emilio. Often when leaving Italy with their mothers, children's names are listed under their mother's maiden names. Giuseppe is the son of Ignazio & Eugenia Fullone.

The Nord America arrived on March 25, 1902 bringing Salvatore Riso, age 21 to New York. Salvatore born in 1881 was the son of Vincenzo Riso and Letizia Napolitano - the first cousin of my grandfather. He was going to 197 West Street in New York. The ship manifest is here.

Again, the complete spreadsheet can be viewed here.

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