Geography of Montalto Uffugo

stemma Montalto Uffugo is located in Cosenza Province in the northern portion of Calabria. Montalto Uffugo has many sections, villages and hamlets. At one time, some may have been their own towns. The town was one of the first to section off the town as a whole and separate the industrial area from the farming areas and the rest of the town. On the outskirts of the town center are the farming areas like Parantoro, Vaccarizzo, Santa Maria La Castagna and Coretto. At one time Bucita (now a frasione of San Fili), San Benedetto (now San Benedetto Ullano) and San Sisto were all frasione's of Montalto under the jurisdiction of Santa Maria La Castagna. The various towns, villages and hamlets are listed below.