Vincenzo Napolitano and

Caterina Filippo

Napolitano coat of armsVincenzo Napolitano was a property owner and Miller in Montalto Uffugo. His wife Maria Stella Nicastro died in November, 1839 at the age of 33 shortly after giving birth to her daughter. One month later, Vincenzo began preparations to marry Caterina Giovannina Filippo. On January 12, 1840 Vincenzo and Caterina went to the town hall to complete their Act of Solemn Promise. They married on January 20, 1840 at the Santa Maria della Neve Church in Santa Maria La Castagna in Montalto. Together Vincenzo and Caterina had 9 children together. He had 6 children with Maria Stella Nicastro. Vincenzo had 15 children! This is the most children I have found for any father in Montalto so far. He also had a step daughter you can read about below.

Children of Vincenzo and Caterina

  • Antonio Maria Born 1841
    Married Maria Luisa Napolitano
  • Maria Stella Born 1843
    Married Raffaele Sannuto
  • Salvatore Born 1846
    Married Teresa Napolitano
  • Raffaele Born 1848 Died 1894
    Married Maria Stella Chimenti
  • Giovanni Born 1851
    Married Maria Francesca Coscarelli
  • Angelo Born 1854
    Married Aguilina Napolitano and Filomena Fava
  • Maria Rosaria Born 1855 Died 1858
  • Maria Luisa Born 1857
    Married Pietro Garrafa
  • Maria Born ? Died 1869

Caterina Giovannina Filippo

Caterina Giovannina Filippo was born November 17, 1814 to Saverio Filippo and Eugenia Capizzano in the Santa Maria La Castagna section of Montalto. She married Francesco Mele in 1833. She had a daughter named Carolina Mele in 1835. In March, 1837 Francesco Mele died leaving her a widow at the age of 23. She married Vincenzo Napolitano a few months after her 25th birthday.

Caterina was the second born child of 9 children I have found for Saverio and Eugenia. Her brothers and sisters are listed below.