Rosario Scarlato

Calabrese donnaRosario Scarlato was born about 1761 to Tomasso Scarlato and Isabella Ortino. Rosario was a laborer who lived in the contrada of Parantoro. He married Anna DiBuono sometime prior to 1785. Since there is a 14 year gap between child number 3 and child number 4 I am sure I am missing several children of theirs but I have found 5 so far.

Rosario died on January 21, 1811 in his home in Parantoro. It is interesting to note that the 2 men who reported his death were Antonio Napolitano and Antonio Garrafa. I descend from Rosario through his daughter Caterina. I also descend from the same Antonio Napolitano who reported his death. Rosario's death act can be viewed here. The death act states that Rosario died in his house in Parantoro on January 21, 1811 at the age of 50. It also states he was the son of Francesco and the husband of Maria DiBuono.

Maria DiBuono

Maria DiBuono was born around 1763 to Francesco DiBuono and Innocenza DiBlasi. Maria was the Godmother to many children as evidenced in the Church records of Santa Maria La Castagna.

Maria DiBuono died on November 6, 1833 at the age of 70. Her death was reported by her son in law, Francesco Nicastro who was also her neighbor. Her death act can be viewed here. Her death was reported by her son Arcangelo also. Her death act states that she died in her house on Novemeber 6, 1833 at the age of 70. Her parents were listed as Francesco and Innocenza (no surname listed) and she was the widow of Rosario Scarlato.

The Children of Rosario and Maria

Listed below are the 5 children of Rosario and Maria. I hope to find more soon.