Raffaele Napolitano

Raffaele Napolitano was born around 1717 and died at the age of 98 in 1815. His father's name was Paolo on his death act, however the name of his mother is unknown. Raffaele had at least 2 wives. Raffaele was the patriarchal ancestor of the majority of the Napolitano families who lived and died in Montalto up until 1910. It should be noted that since the majority of Raffaele's life was lived before the state civil records existed, it is very possible much information regarding his wives, children and life may be missing and lost to time. It is quite possible he had a wife before Diana Corno.

The first wife I know of was Diana Corno. His second wife was Savaria Licciardi. I descend from Raffaele through both his wives. Raffaele was not in the Catasto of Montalto done in 1748 and completed in March 1749, it is possible that Raffaele was not born in Montalto. The only Napolitano listed in that Catasto was Arcangelo who according to the Catasto was born in Belsito. Since Arcangelo and Raffaele have different parents, I do not know if they were related to each other. The first proof of Raffaele living in Vaccarizzo is the baptism of Antonio Pasquale Caparro in 1756. Raffaele is listed as the Godfather in this record which can be viewed here. Another baptism shows Raffaele and his wife Diana Corno as Godparents in another baptism of Caterina Rosaria Chimenti who was baptized in January, 1767. From these records we can determine that Raffaele was living in the Vaccarizzo frazioni no later than 1756.

Raffaele died in Montalto on 17 May 1815 at the age of 98. His death act can be viewed here.

Diana Corno

Raffaele's first wife Diana Corno was born about 1722 and died on January 28, 1777 in the Vaccarizzo frazione of Montalto. Her church death record can be viewed here. Since the church records of death do not list the names of her parents, their names will remain a mystery.

I only have 5 children of Raffaele and Diana. It is possible I may find more, however, because they were born years before the civil records existed, they may never be found. Raffaele outlived all but 2 of these children. I have listed the known children below.

The Children of Raffaele and Diana

Since the children of Raffaele and Diana were born about 50 years before the state civil records existed, very little information is available for them. I know I am missing descendants of this family because some of them died before our access to the records. The oldest child of Raffaele and Diana that we have information on is Teresa who was born in 1743. The next child named Arcangelo was born about 1750. I am fairly certain there must have been other children born between 1743 and 1750, however, without church records it may not be possible to find them. I have found a little information on some of Raffaele and Diana's children so I will share what I know below.

Teresa Napolitano

Teresa Napolitano was born about 1743 and died 24 December 1839 in Montalto. She lived a long life and died at the age of 96. A copy of her death act can be viewed here. This record shows she was the widow of Andrea LoFeudo. Her death was reported by her son Giuseppe LoFeudo who was 50 years old at the time this document was written. The record states that she died in the Parantoro villaggio of Montalto in the house she owned.

The records have revealed another son of Teresa and her husband Andrea LoFeudo named Emmanuele LoFeudo. Emmanuele was born in March 1799 and his baptism was found with the church records in Santa Maria La Castagna. A copy of his baptism can be seen here. This record also shows that the father of Andrea LoFeudo was named Carlo. It also verifies Teresa was the daughter of Raffaele. Emmanuele married Caterina DiBiase in 1817. They had 3 daughters. Chiara Maria was born in 1817 and married Luigi Pantano. They had 11 children together. Maria Saveria LoFeudo was born in 1819 and married Giuseppe Maria Sautillo in 1836. Angela Maria LoFeudo was born in 1821 and she married Pasquale Spizziri in 1837.

Caterina Napolitano

Caterina Napolitano was born to Raffaele Napolitano and Diana Corno about 1759. Caterina married Giuseppe Lanfre and lived in the Vaccarizzo section of Montalto. Caterina died on 28 June 1799 in the Vaccarizzo section of Montalto. An extraction of her church death record can be viewed here.

So far I have only found 1 child for Caterina and Giuseppe. Serafina Luiga Lanfre was born in 1796 and baptized in Vaccarizzo. A copy of an extraction of her baptism can be seen here. In 1811 Serafina married Andrea Lattaro. A copy of their marriage record can be seen here. Serafina and Andrea had 9 children. Serafina died on 24 December 1862, 12 years after the death of her husband.

A page about Raffaele and Diana's son Arcangelo can be seen here.

Raffaele and Savaria Licciardi

Raffaele married Savaria sometime after Diana Corno's death, probably in 1777. I only have found 4 children for them, however, due to the huge age gaps between them, I may find more. At the time of Raffaele and Savaria's eldest known child Antonio, Raffaele was 61 years old and he was 78 at the time of his daughter Maria's birth. Saveria was significantly younger than Raffaele. Raffaele died in 1815. An extract of his death can be viewed here. This record shows Raffaele died at the age of 98! The record also shows his father's name was Paolo but fails to mention his mother's name. Savaria Licciardi died in 1826 and according to her death act she was 80 at the time of her death. This record states her place of birth was San Sisto. Her death act can be viewed here . You can read more about their son Antonio Here and more about their daughter Maria Here.

Children of Raffaele and Saveria