Raffaele Aiello and Giuseppina Golia

stemma Raffaele Aiello was baptized on 20 April 1796 in San Sisto (San Vincenzo La Costa). He was the son of Gregorio Aiello and Saveria Iespa, both of San Sisto. Gregorio Aiello died in 1802 when Raffaele was only 6 years old. On 22 April 1818 Raffaele married Giuseppina Golia in the City of Cosenza. The first evidence I have of Raffaele and his wife Giuseppina living in Montalto is the birth record of their first born child they named Carolina on 7 February 1819.

Giuseppina was baptized Giuseppina Maria Golia in the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Cosenza in July, 1802. Her father was Raffaele Golia and her mother was Maria Gualtieri both of Cosenza (the city). Raffaele Golia died sometime before the marriage of his daughter Giuseppina. I have found Giuseppina Golia's death act which incorrectly states her place of birth as Montalto. According to this record she died on 13 March, 1862. Her death act can be viewed here. This record shows Raffaele Aiello was still living at the time of her death. Raffaele Aiello died on 16 December 1875 at the age of 80 on Montalto Uffugo.

Raffaele and Giuseppina married in the City of Cosenza on 22 April 1818. Raffaele was 22 and Giuseppina was 15 on the day of their wedding. Together they had 10 children. At least 3 of their children died before the age of 7. Besides their birth records, I was unable to find any death records or marriage records for their 2 oldest daughters Carolina and Saveria so it is possible that they died young also. The children of Raffaele and Giuseppina are listed below.

Blessed Great Grandaughter

Raffaele and Giuseppina were the great grandparents of Elena Aiello who was made venerable by Pope John Paul II in 1992. Their son Francesco and his wife Teresa Nardi gave birth to Pasquale Aiello in 1861. Pasquale and his wife Teresa Paglilla gave birth to Elena Emilia Santa Aiello in 1896. Read about Elena Aiello here .