Pietro Garrafa & Luisa Napolitano

stemmaPietro Garrafa was born on November 21, 1856 in Montalto Uffugo. He was the son of Antonio Garrafa and Maria DiCiancio. I have only found 2 children that are definitely the children of Antonio and Maria. Pietro had a brother named Gennaro. Pietro married Maria Luisa Napolitano in November of 1874. Together Pietro and Luisa had at least 11 children together.

Luisa Napolitano

Pietro's Wife

Maria Luisa Napolitano was born in 1857 in Montalto Uffugo. She was the daughter of Vincenzo and Caterina Filippo. Vincenzo was born about 1799. You can read about Luisa's parents and brothers and sisters here. Her father Vincenzo was also married to Maria Stella Nicastro until her death in 1839. Luisa was the half sister of Costantino Napolitano who was my great great grandfather. Vincenzo had 16 children!

The Children of Pietro and Luisa

11 Children!

Pietro and Luisa had 11 children! Among their children were 2 sets of twins. Listed below are their children.

I found immigration information in Argentina for Amalia. Amalia Garrafa is listed as 30 years old in 1913. This matches Amalia Garrafa who was born in 1883 to Pietro Garrafa and Luisa Napolitano. In 1906 she married Fedele Porro. Since the state civil records available through the LDS end in 1910 currently, I cannot verify that she dropped out of the records there. Her ship record lists her entering Argentina as a married woman on ship Algerie which departed from Genova and entered Argentina on September 21, 1913. She was list as a Catholic.

Luigi Garrafa

Pietro and Luisa's son

ParantoroLuigi Garrafa was born in 1876. On 21 May 1896 Luigi enlisted in the military to serve his country as was required by Italian law. In 1900 Luigi married Angela Maria Zingone. Angela Maria was the daughter of Filippo Zingone and Anna Lattaro. I have found the birth acts for 3 of their children. Serafina Garrafa was born in 1902. Francesco Garrafa was born in 1905. Ottorino Garrafa was born in 1906.

I found ship records of Luigi Garrafa entering the United States. In 1909 Luigi sailed on the ship "Lombardia" with Luigi Salerno. According to the ship manifest Luigi Garrafa is coming to the United States to see his wife Angela Maria Zingone. You can view the ship manifest here. I also found a record of Luigi crossing the border from the United States to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1919. Luigi went to Argentina also and died there. Here are links to copies of Luigi's Canadian records:

Aguilina Garrafa

And her husband Francesco Giuseppe DeSeta

In May, 1900 Aguilina Garrafa married Francesco Giuseppe DeSeta. Francesco was the son of Giuseppe DeSeta and Carmela Garrafa. You can trace his genealogy here. I only have one child for them so far born in 1901. The child's name was Giuseppe. Aguilina's husband was the brother of my grandfather's stepfather.

Pietro's Brother Gennaro Garrafa

And His Wife Maria Concetta Napolitano

Gennaro Garrafa was born on March 31, 1847 in Parantoro. He married Maria Concetta Napolitano in 1874. Maria Concetta was the daughter of Arcangelo Napolitano and Maria Teresa Chimenti. Her grandparents were Francesco Napolitano and Maria Zingone. So far I have found 6 children for Gennaro and Maria Concetta. Several of their children immigrated to Argentina.

Remiggio Garrafa immigrated to Argentina. His ship record lists him as 20 years old. He sailed from Genova and arrived in Argentina on December 10, 1898 on the Savoia. Remigio's profession is listed as a farmer and his religion is Catholic. This all matches Remigio Garrafa, son of Gennaro Garrafa and Maria Napolitano. He was born in 1878 which would make his age 20 in 1898. In Argentina Remigio married Maria LaValle and had at least one son. The baptism records of Argentina show the birth of a son to Remigio Garrafa and Maria LaValle. The baptism occurred on 15 January 1910. The name of their son was Genaro Alberico Garrafa. His baptism record can be viewed Here. This record shows the family living in Nuestra Seņora de Balvanera (Balvanera, Distrito Federal), Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina.