Pasquale Zingone

Fiorentina Zingone

Pasquale Zingone was the son of Emmanuele Zingone and Maria DeLuca. He was born on November 24, 1835 in Montato Uffugo and married Serafina Bisceglia on 9 October 1859. I know I am missing the records for most of their children, but here are the children I have for them so far.

I have had contact with a branch of the Zingone family in the United States. Two Americans who I have contact with are the grand daughters of Zingone sisters. Maria Stella Zingone and Fiorentina Zingone were the daughters of Pasquale Zingone and his wife Serafina Bisceglia. A tragic, yet very interesting family story has survived the years and they told me their family story. Maria Stella and her younger sister Fiorentina married brothers from San Vincenzo La Costa with the Fillippo surname. The story says that the younger sister Fiorentina had to marry at a young age because their parents died in a fire that resulted from an earthquake. A very tragic story. Yet, I did not think I could do anything to confirm this story. The death records do not have any notes regarding the cause of death. They merely report that the death occurred. While transcribing the death acts of 1880 I came across the record for the death of Pasquale. But a record of the death of his wife Serafina was not there. The record listed Pasquale as the husband of Serafina, not the widower. So Serafina must have survived him. Story not true? I don't know. But what I do know is I noticed a pattern in the 1880 death records prior to finding the record reporting the death of Pasquale. This began in the September records. I did find the marriage bann for Fiorentina, however, this record proved that the Filippo men were not brothers. Fiorentina was 15 when she married Carmine Filippo.

Serafina Bisceglia

Pasquale's wife

Serafina Bisceglia was born on July 9, 1840 in Montalto Uffugo to Carmine Bisceglia and Fiorentina Tavolaro. The other children of Carmine and Fiorentina are listed below.

Pasquale's Parents

Pasquale's father Emmanuele Zingone was the son of Tomasso Zingone and Teresa Lanfre.

I have several people whose father is listed as Emmanuele but since the name of their mother is not listed, or is also Maria DeLuca, however the ages are at least a generation apart. I cannot link them to this family yet. You can read about Emmanuele and Maria DeLuca by clicking on their names.

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