Pasquale Crivaro

MontaltoPasquale Crivaro was born about 1734. It is currently unknown where he was born. His name does not appear in the catasto records of San Sisto, Montalto, Baccarizzo or San Fili. Pasquale died on 4 March1804. Because he died before the state civil records existed, we may never know who his parents were. The Church record of his death provides us with a date but not the names of his parents. An extraction of the church record of Pasquale's death can be viewed here. At some point in time he settled in the Santa Maria La Castangna frasione of Montalto and married Rosa Falcone. They attended church Santa Maria della Neve and the baptism records for most of their children can be seen in the church records on Cosenza Exchange. They had 10 children together.

Rosa Falcone

Rosa Falcone was born about 1736 in Montalto to Cesare Falcone and Maddelena Vivacqua. Cesare died before the Catasto was done for Montalto in 1748, however, his wife and 2 children do have a record in the catasto here. The catasto record shows the head of the household is the 12 year old brother of Rosa named Carmine. Rosa was 9 at the time. Their mother Maddalena Vivacqua was 40 years old which would make her year of birth about 1708. Rosa died on 16 February 1800. An extraction of her church record of death can be viewed here.

The Children

The baptism records still exist for the majority of Pasquale and Rosa's children. It should be noted that some of those records name the children "Cribaro" and others as "Crivaro". The children of Pasquale Crivaro and Rosa Falcone are listed below. Please note that Innocenza and Gaetana Innocenza may be the same person. I found Innocenza through her Fullone children but never found a baptism for her. I found Gaetana Innocenza from her baptism record, although I have not found anyone else in this generation with the name Gaetana or Gaetana Innocenza.

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