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MontaltoFrancesco Nicastro was my 3rd great grandfather and my 4th great grandfather through both of his wives. My grandfather's mother descnded from him and his wife Caterina Scarlato. My grandfather's father was the grandson of Francesco and his wife Isabella Fullone. The death act of Francesco and Isabella's daughter, Caterina Nicastro was incorrect. It listed her parents as Giuseppe Nicastro and Carmela Arturi. Giuseppe was actually the half brother of Caterina. Her parents were Francesco Nicastro and Isabella Fullone. Because Francesco was born in 1779, researching his family line is difficult. Since the state civil records begin in 1809, the only way to research this family is through processcetti records of his siblings and their children. The only way to know who his siblings were is to look at the early processcetti records of every person with the surname Nicastro. Through the processcetti records of Francesco and his second wife, I do know the names of his parents and grandparents. As I find more information, new Nicastro pages will be added.

About the Nicastro's of Montalto

In the early 1800's all the Nicastro's that were living in Montalto were living in the Parantoro section of Montalto. As you go back into the 1700's there were only a few people bearing the surname Nicastro in Montalto. In the catasto of Montalto which was recorded from October 1748 through March 1749, there were no Nicastro's recorded. The Baccarizzo (Vaccarizzo) catasto which was recorded in 1753 there were 9 people bearing this surname recorded. I beleive they came from another town, however, which town, I do not know. I hope to learn this through the catasto records of other towns in the province.

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