Luigi Napolitano

Luigi Napolitano and Maria Rua were the great grandparents of my grandfather on his paternal side. Luigi, was a miller in the Parantoro section of town. He was the son of Antonio Napolitano and Anna Filippo. Luigi was born in May, 1798 and died in December, 1833. I have found 8 children for them so far. Luigi was the grandson of Raffaele and Savaria Licciardi

The children of Luigi and Maria Rua are:

Maria Rosaria Rua

Maria Rosaria Rua was born in Montalto Uffugo in April, 1801 and died in 1864. She was the daughter of Giovanni Rua (who was the son of Gaetano)and Caterina Saullo (who was the daughter of Rosario). She married Luigi Napolitano on May 16, 1816. Maria Rua outlived him by over 30 years. She never remarried. The surname Rua is linked to the local surnames of Valdesian roots.