Families From Montalto Uffugo

Welcome to the Families of Montalto Uffugo Index Page. New surnames will be added soon.

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Napolitano's In Cosenza

The Napolitano Index page will follow the Napolitano's from Montalto throughout Cosenza Province

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Garrafa's In Montalto

Upon the death of his mother, my orphaned grandfather and his siblings were taken in by their uncle, Domenico Garrafa.

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Zingone Families of Montalto

Join us on our journey into the past to discovery our ancestors and their lives. Follow the link to the Zingone index

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Families of Montalto Uffugo

Welcome to the Montalto Uffugo.Net. Families Page. This page is an index to pages about the people and their descendants who lived in Montalto Uffugo. My grandfather, Giuseppe Napolitano, was born in Montalto Uffugo in 1892. He came to Chicago and began a new life here in the United States. He spoke of the town and the place he came from fondly but his children did not pay much attention. Giuseppe, died in 1949 at the age of 56. With him died the knowledge of his life and family in the place of his birth. His first 21 years and all the family history and stories have been lost to my family. My family has always wondered about his life and family before he came here. And so I began my journey 10 years ago to discover our heritage and perhaps return knowledge of our long lost family. I seek pictures and stories of a family and an era long lost to time. This site is not just about my family but all families that have roots in Montalto Uffugo. My hope is to learn more and share that knowledge with all. I have learned that my family story is the same family story of so many others.

As I got back further in my ancestry, I saw many surnames repeated over and over again. Surnames like Garrafa, Nicastro, Scarlato, Rua, Chimenti, Fullone and so many more. These names were all over my own family documents as people who bore witness to the births, marriages and deaths of my family. They married members of my family also, so I began to wonder about them too. They were cousins, neighbors and friends of my family for centuries. This was something most Americans cannot even imagine. The further back I got in my ancestry, I realized all these people were family - connected to my family one way or another. We all descended from the same people at some point in time. I want to share the story of my family and perhaps yours. The records gave so much information about our families. On these pages I will share all I have learned and attempt to trace the ancestry and the stories of our ancestors.

Index of Families


In February, 2010 I have made major updates to the entire website and have re-written the majority of the family pages and have plans to continue. I have updated many pages with new information and added several new pages. This site will continue to grow and expand and we welcome requests to add your families.