Giuseppina Napolitano

Montalto panoramaGiuseppina Napolitano was the oldest daughter of Vincenzo Napolitano and Maria Stella Nicastro. She was born on February 20, 1822. She married 2 men, both with the Fullone surname. This page will highlight her husbands, their family and her children with both men. It is unknown at this time when Giuseppina died.

Pasquale Fullone

Giuseppina's first husband was Pasquale Fullone. Pasquale was born in Montalto on March 28, 1812 to Domenico Fullone and Maria Bozzarello. At the age of 26 he married Giuseppina Napolitano in 1838. She was 16. A copy of their 2 page marriage record can be viewed here and here. Giuseppina and Pasquale had 4 children together. Pasquale died in 1847 at the age of 35.

Pasquale's Parents

Domenico Fullone & Maria Bozzarello

Domenico Fullone was born in Montalto in November 1786. He was baptized at the church in Santa Maria La Castagna. He lived in Santa Maria La Castagna and married Maria Bozzarello. I hope to add more information soon. Below their children are listed.

Giuseppina and Francesco Maria Fullone

In December, 1849 the widowed Giuseppina married Francesco Maria Fullone. A copy of their 2 page marriage act can be viewed here and here. Francesco was the son of Michele Fullone and Teresa Scarlato. He was born in 1823. The children of Giuseppina Napolitano and Francesco Maria Fullone are listed below:

Francesco's Parents

Michele Fullone & Teresa Scarlato

Michele Fullone was born in December 1788 in Montalto and baptized on 1 January 1789 in Santa Maria La Castagna. He was the son of Saverio Fillone and Eugenia Filippo. His sister was Isabella Fullone who was my third great grandmother. You can read about her here.

Teresa Scarlato was born on 1 January 1789 in Montalto to Rosario Scarlato and Maria DiBuono. Teresa was the sister of my third great grandmother Caterina Scarlato. You can read about her here. Michele Fullone and Teresa Scarlato were married in Montalto Uffugo in 1812. Their children are listed below.