Giuseppe Arturi

Santa Maria La CastagnaGiuseppe Arturi was born about 1745 in Montalto. He was the son of Giovanni Arturi and Dianova Lucchetta. The earliest record known for Giuseppe is the Catasto record for his family which can be viewed here. This record shows Giuseppe is 3 years old on this document from 1748. Sometime before 1768 Giuseppe married Rosa Scarlato. During the early years of their marriage Giuseppe and Rosa lived in the Santa Maria La Castagna section of Montalto. All of their children were baptized there. I found 7 of their children in the records of Montalto. Giuseppe died on 29 September 1815. A copy of his death record can be viewed here.

Rosa Scarlato

Rosa Scarlato was born in May 1747 in Montalto. She was baptized at L'Annunziata Church in Santa Maria La Castagna on 10 May 1747. A copy of her church baptism record from the original church register can be viewed here. Her father was Nicola Scarlato and her mother was Anna Covello. Her father Nicola was born in Marano Marchesato according to his catasto record from Montalto in 1748. This record can be viewed here. It is currently unknown when Rosa died, however, through her husband's death record, we know she died before him.

Children of Giuseppe Arturi and Rosa Scarlato

The children of Giuseppe and his wife Rosa Scarlato are listed below. The majority of them have a baptism record on Cosenza Exchange here .

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