Gaetano Scarlato and Anna Soriano

MontaltoGaetano Scarlato and Anna Soriano are the earliest ancestors of this line of Scarlato women. They had 3 daughters that I am aware of. Gaetano was already deceased at the time of the Catasto of Montalto in 1748. During this time Anna Soriano, his widow was living with their daughter Maria and her husband, Saverio Saullo. This record lists Anna's age as 50 which would make her year of birth 1698. A copy of this record can be seen here. It is unknown when Anna Soriano died. The children of Gaetano and Anna are listed below.

The Children of Gaetano and Anna

You can read about Rosa Scarlato and her husband Arcangelo Napolitano here.

Giovanna Scarlato and Tommaso Venturo

Giovanna Scarlato was born about 1731. Sometime before 1748 she married Tommaso Venturo who was born around 1723. Giovanna and Tommaso are listed in the catasto of Montalto in 1748 before any of their children were born living with his mother Isabella. You can view this record here. They had 11 children together, all of whom were baptized in L'Annunziata Church in the Santa Maria La Castagna section of Montalto. I have linked the copy of the baptism record for each child listed below.

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