Gaetano Rua

Because Gaetano Rua lived and died before the civil records existed, little is known about his life. We do have several church records for him and his family though. Gaetano Rua was born about 1741 in the Santa Maria La Castagna frazioni of Montalto. He was the son of Giuseppe Antonio Rua and Caterina Fullone. The earliest record we have for Gaetano is the Catasto record in the household of Tommaso Rua. The record states Gaetano is his nephew. Also listed as his nephew is Michele Rua, age 6. Although it is possible Michele is the brother of Gaetano, but we cannot be sure. Gaetano's parents are listed in the Catasto in the "forastieri" section. This section is for people living in the town who were not born there. This record states that the family is living in the Caldopiano frazioni and Giuseppe Antonio Rua was originally from San Sisto. The catasto record of Giuseppe Antonio Rua, Caterina Fullone and their other children can be viewed here. Gaetano married Caterina Bruno and together they had at least 5 children together. Through the processetti records of his son Giovanni, we have a copy of his church death record that states he received his final sacrament on 6 February 1776.

The children of Gaetano Rua and Caterina Bruno are:

Caterina Bruno

Not much is known about Caterina Bruno. She was not baptized at the church in the Santa Maria La Castagna, therefore her year of birth is uncertain and the identity of her parents is unknown. The processeti from her son Giovanni's second marriage did contain a copy of her church death record so we do know that Caterina received the final sacrament on 7 April 1809. There should be a civil record of her death so as soon as it is found, it can be examined to see if the names of her parents are isted.