Francesco Nicastro

cosentina casa Francesco Salvatore Nicastro was born about 1775 in Montalto Uffugo. His father was Vincenzo Nicastro and his mother was Stella DiLio. I have no dates for Vincenzo Nicastro but I do know that Stella DiLio was born about 1743 and died on 4 February, 1783.

Death acts can contain incorrect information. This is the case with Francesco. His death act which can be viewed here states that his is the son of Vincenzo Nicasto and Isabella Cesario. However, when I found the processetti records pertaining to the marriage of Francesco and his second wife Isabella Fullone I discovered this was incorrect. An extraction of the baptism record for Francesco, which can be viewed here states his father's name was Vincenzo, son of Saverio and his mother was Stella diLio. This document here provides documentation that his grandfather was Saverio Nicastro and his grandmother was Isabella Villecco. If you would like to view all the processetti records for Francesco and Isabella Fullone you may view them on our sister site Cosenza Exchange here.

Francesco married Caterina Scarlato sometime before 1806. Documents show he lived in Santa Maria La Castagna and Parantoro. Francesco and Caterina had 6 children during their marriage until Caterina died in 1822.

Caterina Scarlato

Caterina Scarlato was born about 1785 in Montalto Uffugo to Rosario Scarlato and Maria DiBuono. She dieddied at home in Parantoro on December 17, 1822. She was 37 years old at the time of her death. The children of Francesco and Caterina are listed below.

Francesco Nicastro & Isabella Fullone

You can read about Francesco and his second wife Isabella Fullone here .

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