Francesco Lamfre

Francesco Lamfre was born in Montalto around 1698. His parents are unknown and because the records from the 1600's no longer exist, and it is possible we will never know their names. What is known is Francesco lived and died in Montalto and is the patriarch of the majority of Lambre/Lanfre families in Montalto. He married Fulvia Scarlato in Montalto sometime before 1738. He lived and worked in Parantoro. Francesco died on 2 February 1756 in his home in Parantoro. A copy of this record can be viewed here.

Fulvia Scarlato died on 24 March 1790. A copy of this record can be viewed here.

Catasto Records

The primary record we have for the family of Francesco and Fulvia is the Catasto record of their family which was written in 1748. You can view this record here . Their youngest child is 1 year old on this record and I know of 2 more children born after this record was written. This record shows they lived on the property in a tower in Parantoro that was plowed by the deceased Giovanni Scarlato. It is not possible that Giovanni was the father of Fulvia Scarlato because his wife was too young to be her mother. However, Giovanni may have been her brother. Rosa is mentioned in this record and in her own Catasto record is living with her 4 Scarlato children on a portion of the same property. Her catasto record can be viewed here. The Catasto records of both families indicated that the property was divided into fourths. This same information was found in the Catasto records of Giovanni DiSeta and Rosa Scarlato. Their catasto record can be viewed here.

The Children of Francesco and Fulvia

It is possible they had more children, however, below you can see the children of Francesco and Fulvia that I know about from the Catasto record and the marriage records of their grandchildren.

To view a page about the son Giuseppe of Francesco and Fulvia, click the link on his name.