Francesco Garrafa

GFrancesco Garrafa was born on 24 Nov 1819 in Montalto Uffugo to Saverio Garrafa and Maria Napolitano. Francesco married Serafina DeRose on 28 August 1840. He was 21 and she was 14 at the time. A copy of their marriage record can be seen here. Two months later Serafina died on 30 November 1840. Soon after Francesco married Elena Munno possibly in Lattarico. Francesco Garrafa died in Montalto Uffugo in January, 1900 at the age of 80.

Elena Munno

The name of Elena Munno has appeared on some family documents as DeMunno in addition to the spelling of Munno. It is possible the surname was DeMunno at one time. Since most documents refer to her as Munno, that is the name I will be using. At this time very little information is available regarding Elena. According to her death record, Elena was born in Lattarico to Pasquale and Rosa Iespa. I never found a marriage record for Elena and Francesco in the records of Montalto Uffugo. It is possible they married in Lattarico in 1841. Elena died in Montalto Uffugo on 24 November 1878.

The Children of Francesco and Elena