Francesco Napolitano

Napolitano coat of armsFrancesco Napolitano was born in 1794 and was baptised on 6 August 1794 at The Church of Santa Maria Della Neve in Santa Maria La Castgna. A copy of his baptism record can be viewed here. Francesco died in April of 1862. You can see a copy of his death record here. He was the son of Arcangelo Napolitano and Chiara Crivaro. Francesco was a miller in the Vaccarizzo hamlet of Montalto Uffugo. He married Maria Zingone and they had 11 children together.

Maria Zingone

Maria Madalena Zingone was born about 1797 and died in 1866. Her father was Antonio Zingone and her mother was Maria Cuscino.

The children of Francesco Napolitano and Maria Zingone are listed below.

I will detail the lives of their children that do not have webpages here below.

A page for the processcetti marriage documents of Francesco and Maria Zingone can be viewed here.

Isabella Napolitano

Isabella married Serafino Plastina in 1854. Serafino was the son of Giuseppe Plastina and Maddalena DiSeta. I am probably missing some of their children but I will list the children I have found here.

Teresa Napolitano

Teresa married (Antonio) Gaetano Leone in 1842 and although I do have 5 children for them I am sure I missed some.

Arcangelo Napolitano

Arcangelo married Maria Teresa Chimenti and together thay had many children. Arcangelo was born about 1826 and died in 1902 and like many of the Napolitano men was a miller. Maria Teresa Chimenti was born in 1838 to Costantino Chimenti and Rosa DiSeta. Arcangelo and Maria Teresa had 11 children. I will list them below soon.

Luigi Napolitano

And his wife Rosa Speranza

Luigi married Rosa Speranza. More Coming soon.

Domenico Napolitano

Domenico married Maddelena Speranza in 1861. More coming Soon