Francesco Aiello

And His Wife Teresa Nardi

Francesco Antonio Maria Aiello was born in 1833 in Montalto Uffugo. His parents were Raffaele Aiello and Giuseppina Golia. Pasquale made his living as a tailor. He married Teresa Nardi on 11 January 1849 in Montalto Uffugo and together they had at least 8 children. Most of their children became tailors also. It is interesting to note that even one of their daughters became a tailor in a time when women were listed as seamstresses or cloth spinners and not tailors. Francesco had a reputation of being a excellent tailor. The father of (Maria) Teresa Nardi, Ferdinando was also a tailor. Listed below are their children.

Francesco and Teresa were the grandparents of Blessed Elena Aiello. She was the daughter of their son Pasquale and his wife Teresa Paglilla. Francesco died in Montalto Uffugo in February, 1902.

Francesco was the brother of my great great grandmother Pasqualina Aiello.

Maria Teresa Nardi

Francesco's Parents

Maria Teresa Nardi was born in Montalto on 29 November 1826 to Ferdinando Nardi and Maria Giuseppa Iuele. She was the third born child out of 10 children born to her parents. Her father earned his living as a tailor. On 11 January 1849 she married Francesco Aiello. It is unknown at this time when she died.

You can read about the parents of Francesco Aiello, Raffaele and Giuseppina here.

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