Filippo Garrafa & Maria Stella Speranza

Filippo Garrafa was born in October of 1835 to Saverio Garrafa and Maria Napolitano. In 1857 Filippo married Maria Stella Speranza. The 2 page atto di solemna promessa (marriage bann) can be viewed here and here . I have found records for 7 children, however, I am sure I missed a few between 1864 and 1870. It is possible some of their children were born in San Benedetto Ullano since Filippo's family owned property there. Filippo died in 1907.

Maria Stella Speranza

San FrancescoMaria Stella was the daughter of Giuseppe Speranza and Serafina DiSeta. When Maria Stella was 6 years old her mother died. When she was 11 her father died. Her guardians were Rosa DiSeta (her mother's sister) and her husband Costantino Chimenti. She lived with them until she was 13 years old when she married Filippo Garrafa on February 14, 1857. Because she was a minor when she married Filippo a family counsel meeting was required by law. The purpose of the family counsel was to make sure 3 adult members of her mother's family and 3 adult members of her father's family agreed the marriage would be in the best interest of the minor child and her intended spouse would make a good husband and could provide for her. This 3 page document can be viewed by clicking on the page links. page 1, page 2 and page 3. The representatives of her father's family who were part of this family counsel meeting were her older brothers Saverio Speranza, Michele Speranza and Luigi Napolitano who was the husband of her sister Rosa. The representatives from her mother's family were Pasquale DiSeta, Francesco DiSeta and Pietro DiSeta, all brothers of her mother (her uncles).

The Children Of Filippo and Maria Stella Speranza

  • Costantino Born 1860
  • Angelo Raffaele Born 1863
  • Giuseppe Born 1864
  • Maria Cristina Born 1870 Died 1958
    Married Bernardo Napolitano
  • Clementina Aguila Born 1872
  • Cristina Aguila Fiorentina Born 1873
  • Angelo Raffaele Born 1876
  • Fedele Born 1879
    Married Maria Giuseppa Rua

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