Fedele Arturi and Anna Saullo

Madonna della serraFedele Arturi was born Rosario Fedele Arturi in Montalto to Giuseppe Arturi and Rosa Scarlato. He was baptized at L'Annunziata church in Santa Maria La Castagna frazione of Montalto on 14 May 1786. A photograph of his baptism record from the original church register can be viewed here. Although Fedele was born in the frazione (section) of Santa Maria La Castagna in Montalto, when he married he lived in the Parantoro section of town. The date of his marriage is unknown but sometime before 1806 he married Anna Saullo. They had at least 7 children together before Fedele died. According to his death record, Fedele died in his house that he owned on the 9th of July 1824. A copy of this record can be viewed here.

Anna Saullo

Anna Saullo was born in about 1788 to Rosario Saullo. Her death record states the name of her mother is Dianora Venturo. She married Fedele Arturi and had at least 7 children with him. She died on 12 August 1846 in her house in Parantoro, Montalto. You can view a copy of her death record here.

The children of Anna and her husband Fedele Saullo are listed below.

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