Domenico Garrafa 1747-1816

GDomenico Garrafa was born about 1747 in Montalto to Antonio Garrafa and Maddalena Anna DiBuono. The oldest record we have for Domenico is from the Catasto of Montalto when Domenico was only one year old. The head of the household was his uncle Giovan Battista Garrafa and this record can be viewed here. This record shows the family living in Santa Maria La Castagna during this time. Sometime prior to 1771 Domenico married Maria Cassavia. Domenico Garrafa died in 1816.

Maria Cassavia

Maria Cassavia was born on 24 December 1747 in Montalto Uffugo to Gennaro Cassavia and Anna Arturi in the Santa Maria La Castagna section of town. Her baptism record can be viewed here. I believe her family is in the catasto here. It is unknown when she died, however she died after her husband.

The Children of Domenico and Maria

Since all of the children of Domenico and Maria were born before the civil records existed, I am sure I am missing some of their children, however, if I find more I will add them. I have listed them below.