Domenico Garrafa

stemma Domenico Garrafa was born in 1849 in the Parantoro section of Montalto Uffugo. He was the son of Francesco Garrafa and Elena Munno. He married twice and had 12 children. In addition to raising his own 12 children, he and his second wife raised the 7 children of my great grandmother after her death. He fed, clothed and educated 18 children! His daughter Maria Concetta left with her 2 children to join her husband in Chicago.Her father paid their ship passage. I remember Concetta fondly. His daughter Filomena and her husband Errico Zingone left for Argentina. His other children Ernesto, Silvio, Emilio and Giuseppe also immigrated to Argentina. His son Francesco immigrated to Brasil. Domenico watched as almost all of his children left Montalto Uffugo and he never saw them again. This must have been very difficult for him. Domenico Garrafa died in 1934 in Montalto Uffugo at the age of 85.

His first wife was Emilia Napolitano. She was 17 years old when they married. Domenico Garrafa & Emilia Napolitano Marriage Record can be viewed here .

The children of Domenico Garrafa and Emilia Napolitano are:

In 1885 Emilia Napolitano died a few weeks after giving birth to her last child, Maria Concetta at the age of 29. I assume she died as a result of childbirth complications.

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Domenico & Giuseppina

Giuseppina Ferrante

Giuseppina Ferrante was born in San Benedetto Ullano. Her parents were Filippo Ferrante and Filomena Chimenti. Filippo Ferrante was born in San Benedetto Ullano in 1835. His parents were Francesco Ferrante and Maddalena Filippo. On 14 April 1855 Filippo Ferrante married Maria Filomena Chimenti in Montalto Uffugo. Thier marriage record can be seen here. Maria Filomena Chimenti was born in Montalto Uffugo in 1840. Filomena's parents were Costantino Chimenti and Rosa DiSeta. You can read about Filomena's family here. The children of Filippo Ferrante and Filomena Chimenti were:

In 1887 Domenico Garrafa married Giuseppina Ferrante in San Benedetto Ullano, the place of her birth. The marriage bann in Montalto Uffugo of Giuseppina Ferrante and Domenico Garrafa can be seen here. Domenico and Giuseppina had 6 children. They are listed below.

The Children Of Domenico and Giuseppina

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