The Riso Family

madonna della serraThe story of the Riso family of Montalto Uffugo begins with Diego Riso. Diego was born in Montalto Uffugo in 1824 to parents unknown - he was an orphan. He must have been adopted by a family because he was a property owner by profession and an industry owner. All the records I have read in Montalto have contained very few industry owners. How did an orphan grow up to be so successful? I believe the answer to this question may be answered in the identity of his father. Diego married Angela Salerno in 1845. His 2 page marriage document can be viewed here and here. The marriage was officially witnessed by Gaspare Zingone and Antonio Fuoco. Angela Salerno was the 16 year old daughter of Vincenzo Salerno and Chiara Fullone.

I have found 8 children of Diego and Angela. Since there is an 8 year span between child number 1 and child number 2 I am sure I am missing 1 or more children born between 1848 and 1854. The children I have found are listed below.

Salvatore Born 12 Sep 1847 Died 4 Jul 1914
married: Unknown and Angela Arturi
Chiara Born 1855 Died 1860
Giuseppe Born 1856 died 20 Jul 1939
Married Maria Albina
Rosa Domenica Born 4 Aug 1857 died 2 Oct 1914
Married Francesco Fullone
Francesco Born 1860
Married Carolina Reale
Vincenzo Born 1861 died 10 Dec 1925
Married Letizia Napolitano
Chiara Born 1863
Married Vincenzo Napolitano
Diego Born 1869

Angela Maria Salerno

Angela Salerno was the daughter of Vincenzo Salerno and Chiara Fullone and was born about 1830. She married Diego Riso when she was 15 years old. Angela Salerno died in Montalto Uffugo on 11 September 1914. Her death was recorded in the death register of the church in Santa Maria La Castagna. Her parents Vincenzo Salerno & Chiara Fullone were married in August, 1825. The other children of Vincenzo and Chiara Fullone are:

Vincenzo Salerno was the son of Francesco and Rosaria Turco and was born in 1806. Chiara Rosaria Fullone was born in 1796 and was the daughter of Arcangelo and Innocenza Crivaro. Chiara was the widow of Pasquale Filippo when she married Vincenzo Salerno.