Costantino Napolitano

Napolitano coat of armsCostantino Napolitano was born in 1824 to Vincenzo Napolitano and Maria Stella Nicastro. Costantino's mother died when he was just 15 years old. Costantino's father was a miller and taught him this trade. The earliest records of Costantino's family show he was a property owner and a miller by profession. I also know the family made wine an sold it in nearby towns. He married Pasqualina Aiello in 1845. A copy of their marriage act can be viewed here: page 1 and page 2. Together they had 12 children over a period of 24 years. Listed below are their children. Costantino died in 1889 at the age of 62.

Pasqualina Aiello

Pasqualina came from a very different background from the Napolitano's. While the Napolitano's were property owners of huge expansive farms and millers, the Aiello's were tailors who lived in town. Pasqualina was the daughter of Raffaele Aiello and Giuseppina Golia. Raffaele was a tailor and Giuseppina was a filatrice or spinner of cloth. Pasqualina's mother taught her to be a filatrice. The Aiello's were very religious in their Catholic faith. Pasqualina would have instilled her strong faith in her children. When Pasqualina married Costantino the changes in her lifestyle must have been dramatic. From life in the busy populated center of town to the large more isolated farm of her new husband she must have felt alienated from the life she knew before. She had a lot to learn about life on a farm. In 1860 Pasqualina's younger sister Teresa married Gaetano Napolitano. Gaetano was the younger brother of Costantino. Pasqualina died in 1890 at the age of 64.

The Children of Costantino and Pasqualina

Costantino's Line Of Ancestry

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