Chimenti Families

There were many Chimenti families in Montalto and not all of them were related. There was a Chimenti family that settled in Montalto from Paola. There were also Chimenti families in San Fili and San Vincenzo La Costa that settled in Montalto. There were also Chimenti families that lived in Montalto from the beginning of the records that still exist. Currently most the people with the surname Chimenti featured on this site are related.

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Lorenzo Chimento

Lorenzo Chimento and Giovanna Vivacqua are among the earliest of the Chimenti families records are available for. Lorenzo was listed in the Montalto catasto done in 1748 as being 50 years old. He had 4 children living with him and his wife. The catasto record for this early family can be viewed here . A list of their children is below.