Giuseppe Lamfre

Giuseppe Lamfre was born to Francesco Lamfre and Fulvia Scarlato in Montalto on an unknown date. Since Giuseppe died in 1810, the second year of the state civil records, the profession of Giuseppe is unknown. Very little information is known about Giuseppe and I have only found 1 child for him although I am certain he had more children. He married Caterina Napolitano and lived with her in the Vaccarizzo section of Montalto. Sometime after Caterina's death in 1799, he married Carmela Grisolia who was the widow of Antonio Lattaro. Giuseppe died on 16 June 1810. His death record states his age as 77 in 1810, however, other documents do not support this. The catasto of Montalto done in 1748 provides a document for this family, however Giuseppe's name is absent from the document which leads me to believe he was born after March of 1748. The catasto record for his family can be viewed here. This record shows the names and ages of his parents and brothers and sisters that were living at the time. It is interesting to note that although Giuseppe and his father Francesco have the surname LAMFRE, however, the records for his daughter show her surname as LANFRE.

Caterina Napolitano

Caterina Napolitano was born to Raffaele Napolitano and Diana Corno about 1759. Caterina married Giuseppe Lanfre and lived in the Vaccarizzo section of Montalto. Caterina died on 28 June 1799 in the Vaccarizzo section of Montalto. An extraction of her church death record can be viewed here.

So far I have only found 1 child for Caterina and Giuseppe. Serafina Luiga Lanfre was born on 18 October 1795 and baptized in Vaccarizzo. A copy of an extraction of her baptism can be seen here. When Serafina was 4 years old her mother died. Her father married Carmela Grisolia who was the widow of Antonio Lattaro. Carmela had a son named Andrea Lattaro. In 1810 when Serafina was 14 years old her father died. A year later, in 1811, Serafina married Andrea Lattaro. A copy of their marriage record can be seen here. Prossecetti records are a series of documents a couple intending to marry were required to provide to the state civil office before they could marry. These documents for Serafina and Andrea provided copies of death records for their parents and grandparents. I have created another page where you can view all these records here .

Serafina and Andrea had 9 children. Serafina died on 24 December 1862, 12 years after the death of her husband. A copy of her death record can be seen here.

Children of Andrea Lattaro and Serafina Lanfre