Bernardino Napolitano

Bernardo NapolitanoBernardino Napolitano was born on March 6, 1861 to Costantino Napolitano and Pasqualina Aiello. Named Bernardino on his birth act, most documents that contained his name in later years as Bernardo. Bernardo worked as a miller and a farmer, like his father and grandfather. Bernardo married Maria Cristina Garrafa in 1885. A copy of their marriage bann can be viewed here. Bernardo died on 7 Jun 1928 in Montalto Uffugo at the age of 67. Cristina died 30 years later in 1958 at the age of 88. Bernardo and Cristina had 13 children together. I will list them below.

  • Maria Rosaria Emilia Born 1886 died 1886
  • Pasquale Born 1888 Died 1915
    married Maria Zingone
  • Emilia Born 1890 died 1956
    Married Errico Garrafa
  • Maria Natalina Born 1893
    Married Achille Mele
  • Filomena Born 1894
  • Agiulina Fiorentina Born 1895
    Married Eugenio Saullo
  • Valentina Born 1898
  • Serafina Born 1899
    Spouse Unknown DeLuca
  • Rosina Born 1902
    Married Ernesto Carmine Guido
  • Annunziata Genovaffa Born 1904
  • Letizia Virginia Born 1907
    Married Francesco Muglia
  • Mario Alfredo Born 1910
  • Annunziata Rosalia Born 1912

Maria Cristina Garrafa

Bernardo's Wife

Cristina GarrafaMaria Cristina Garrafa was born in 1870 to Filippo Garrafa and Maria Stella Speranza. She married Bernardo when she was only 15 years old in 1885. Her first child was born when she was 16. During her lifetime she saw so many of her family and neighbors leave Montalto Uffugo for Argentina, Canada, the United States, Spain, Brasil and probably many other places. Cristina lived a long life in Parantoro and died in May, 1958.

A page about her parents and her brothers and sisters is here. A page about her grandparents, Saverio Garrafa & Maria Napolitano may be accessed by clicking on their names. A page about her maternal grandparents Giuseppe Speranza and Serafina DiSeta can be accessed by clicking their names.

Bernardino's Line Of Descendancy