Arcangelo Napolitano

Napolitano coat of armsArcangelo Napolitano was born about 1717 and died on October 12, 1772 in Montalto Uffugo. His father's name was Giacomo and his mother was Teresa Ortale. Arcangelo was probably born in born in Belsito. This information came from the Catasto of Montalto from 1748-1749 and the Catasto of Belsito in 1742. You can view a copy of the record from the Montalto catasto here. Arcangelo was married to Rosa Scarlato. The family attended church at L'Annuziata in Santa Maria La Castagna. Their children were all baptized there and they were listed as Godparents for many children. Their children and grandchildren settled in San Fili, San Vincenzo La Costa and San Sisto. Most of the Napolitano's in those towns descend from this family.

Early Records

Since this family lived and died before the civil records were established, we must rely on the records that do exist such as the Catasto and the Church records we have available on Cosenza Exchange. The young family can be seen in the Montalto Catasto of 1748. In 1742 Belsito did it's Catasto and Arcangelo was living there at that time. This record lists Arcangelo's age as 24 and he is living with his sisters Angela, Chiara, Innocenza and Marianna and his mother Teresa Ortale. Teresa was listed as being 59. Sometime between 1742 and 1745 Arcangelo left Belsito, came to Montalto and married Rosa Scarlato. In 1748 his sister Marianna is listed as living with Arcangelo and Rosa.

Rosa Scarlato

Rosa was born in Montalto about 1726 to Gaetano Scarlato and Anna Soriano. Rosa had at least 3 sisters that I am presently aware of. The other children of Gaetano Scarlato and Anna Soriano were:

The Children of Arcangelo and Rosa

Arcangelo and Rosa had 9 children. The majority of these children were discovered in the baptism records of Santa Maria La Castagna. Several were known prior to that but the names of Arcangelo and Rosa were unknown. The children and grandchildren of Arcangelo and Rosa settled in the nearby comuni of San Vincenzo La Costa, San Sisto, San Fili and more. In 1910 all the Napolitano's in San Fili were the descendants of Arcangelo and Rosa through their sons Bruno and Francesco. I will list their children below. Keep checking back for updates because we are actively researching this family and will have more soon.

  • Teresa Aurelia Born 1747
  • Pietro Born 1749
  • Vincenzo Antonio Born 1751
  • Ignazio Born 1754
  • Francesco Antonio Born 1756
  • Bruno Born 1760 Died 1814
    Married: Teresa Calvano
  • Domenico Born 1765 Died 1800
    Married Caterina Crivaro
  • Tomasso Nicola Born 1768
  • Gaetano Giacomo Born 1772