Arcangelo Napolitano

Napolitano coat of armsArcangelo Napolitano was born about 1750 to Raffaele Napolitano and Diana Corno. Because he was born and died before the stato civile records, very little is known about him. I have only found 3 children for him. What is clear is this family was rather tragic. Arcangelo died on 22 July 1800. At that time his eldest child was only 6 years old and his youngest was less than a year old. His wife Chiara Crivaro died 6 years later leaving their children orphans. I can only assume someone took the children, however who remains a mystery. It is unknown when Arcangelo married Chiara Crivaro but it can be assumed that it was sometime before 1794.

Chiara Crivaro

Chiara Crivaro was born in the Santa Maria La Castagna section of Montalto to Pasquale Crivaro and Rosa Falcone. Her record of baptism is missing from the records of the church of Santa Maria La Castagna so I do not know her date of birth. The baptisms of many of her siblings do still exist. Her brothers and sisters were:

Chiara Crivaro died in 1806. Her oldest child Francesco Saverio was only 11 years old when she died. It is unknown who took these children upon the death of their mother.

Children of Arcangelo and Chiara

Arcangelo and Chiara only had 3 children before the untimely death of Arcangelo, however, all 3 married and had families of their own providing them with over 33 grandchildren. They were: