Antonio Napolitano and Anna Filippo

Antonio Napolitano was born about 1778 to Raffaele Napolitano and Saveria Licciardi. By the time Antonio was born around 1778, his father was about 61 years old. It is clear that Saveria Licciardi was much younger than Raffaele - by 30 years. Antonio and Anna Filippo had 11 children which included two sets of twins. It seems Antonio and Anna and their children either moved around between neighborhoods or they owned property in several areas. Antonio is listed in the records as living in the Parantoro and Santa Maria La Castagna sections of Montalto as well as the neighboring comune of San Benedetto Ullano. At the time of Antonio's birth, San Benedetto Ullano was not it's own comune, but a frazione (section or hamlet) of Montalto known simply as San Benedetto. Antonio and his children are in the comuni records of San Benedetto Ullano so until I receive these records, some of his descendants may be unknown. I plan on reviewing all this town's records to find Antonio's children their descendants. Antonio died in May, 1841 at the age of 63. A copy of Antonio's death act can be viewed here.

Anna Filippo

Anna Filippo was born about 1778 in Montalo Uffugo. Anna died in Montalto Uffugo in April 1851. Her death act can be seen here. Her death act lists her father as Raffaele Filippo, however, other documents list the name of her father as Vincenzo. Her death was reported by 2 neighbors, Emmanuele Zingone and Francesco DeLuca which makes it possible their information was incorrect. Her mother was Teresa Arturi. Teresa Arturi was the daughter of Saverio Arturi(born about 1705) and Maria Cesario (born about 1709). Together with Antonio she had 11 children. Those children are listed below.

The Children of Antonio and Anna

Listed below are the 11 children of Antonio and Anna.