Elena Aiello

Catholic Blessed

Young Elena AielloBlessed Elena Aiello's family was a close one. Her father, Pasquale was a tailor. Her mother Teresina Paglilla was a seamstress. There were a lot of families in Montalto Uffugo with the surname Aiello. Some were related and some were not. The oldest ancestor we have found for Elena Aiello was Giacinto Ajello who died in San Fili in 1779. His son Gregorio lived and died in San Sisto (San Vincenzo La Costa). Thier descendants lived in Bucita, San Fili, San Vincenzo La Costa and Montalto (Uffugo). This page will serve as an index to all pages about the Aiello families. To read about Blessed Elena click here.

Aiello pages on this website

All the Aiello pages planned for this website are related to me. My great, great grandmother was Pasqualina Aiello. These pages will trace Elena Aiello's ancestry as well as Pasqualina's. Of course, there is a page about Pasqualina also.