The DeSeta Families of Montalto

stemmaThe surname DeSeta did not exist in Montalto Uffugo prior to the 1860's. Around that era the name changed from DiSeta to DeSeta. I have been able to verify that the families that bore the spelling DiSeta are, in fact the same families. Why the name changed, I am not sure but it did occur with similar surnames that began with "Di" like DiLio which in most (but not all) cases changed to DeLio. Other surnames such as DiCiancio dropped the Di completely. On these pages you will notice both spellings of the surname.

My connection to the DeSeta Family

Step-family of my grandfather

My grandfather's stepfather was Raffaele DeSeta. Raffaele married his mother, Angela Napolitano in January, 1898 when my grandfather was just 5 years old. Since his own father died when he was 2 1/2 my grandfather probably did not remember him. But he would have remembered Raffaele DeSeta. My great grandmother knew Raffaele well her whole life. Raffaele was already connected to the family long before they married. Angela's older sister Emilia was married to Domenico Garrafa when Angela was a little girl. Domenico's sister was Maria Carmela Garrafa who was married to Giuseppe DeSeta. Maria Carmela and Giuseppe were Raffaele's parents. So she married her sister's nephew. Together Raffaele and Angela had 6 children from 1898 to 1907.

Raffaele DeSeta & Angela Napolitano

Married in January, 1898

Raffaele DeSeta and my great grandmother Angela Napolitano were married in 1898. Below is a list of all their children.

Angela Napolitano died after giving birth to Alfredo in December, 1907. According to what my grandfather told his children, Domenico Garrafa took all of Angela's children into his home upon her death. This is supported by the death record of Alfredo in 1908. The person who reported his death was Domenico Garrafa who evidently changed the baby's name to Riccardo. My father remembers his father telling him he had a brother who immigrated to Argentina, a sister took care of the farm my grandfather inherited when his father died and another sister lived in Paola. This is all I knew. I know a little more now, but I would like to know more. Emilia's birth act has a notation on it about her marriage in Paola to Peppino Sinforoso in 1919. If they had children, the surname of the children would be Sinforoso.

Seeking my Grandfather's Siblings!

Antonetta Genovaffa DeSetaI am currently seeking the descendants of this family, the children of my great grandmother Angela Napolitano. Her children would all be dead by now. But their children may still be alive. My father's last wish is to see a picture of his grandmother and grandfather. This website and all the research I have done has been done to fulfill my father's last wish - to see the faces of his grandparents before he dies. If you know what happened to his sisters Delfina, Emilia, Antoinetta Genovaffa or Carmela please email me here. His brother Enrico DeSeta emmigrated to Brasil. One sister married a Lanfre and another married a man with the surname Perotta. I would love to hear from these families.

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