Clementina Napolitano

stemmaClementina Napolitano was the daughter of Vincenzo Napolitano and Chiara Riso. She was born in December, 1882 and was the second child of Vincenzo and Chiara. At the age of 16 Clementina married Francesco DeSeta. Francesco was the son of Alberto DeSeta and Serafina Florio. His grandparents page can be viewed here Together, they had at least 3 children while living in the Vaccarizzo section of Montalto Uffugo. Those children were:

Roberto emmigrated to La Plata, Argentina in 1921. He joined his uncle Costantino who had moved there earlier. Costantino probably arrived in Argentina in 1905. Costantino was Clementina's brother.


Clementina Napolitano married Francesco DeSeta in July, 1899. Their marriage record was signed by Francesco DeSeta, Francesco's father Alberto, Clementina's father Vincenzo, Nicolo Bartoli and Francesco. View the marriage record here.

Clementina's Parents

Clementina's mother was Chiara Riso, the daughter of Diego Riso and Angela Salerno. Chiara married Vincenzo Napolitano in 1879. Her brother Vincenzo married Vincenzo Napolitano's sister Letizia. You can read more about Chiara & Vincenzo here.

The Children Of Vincenzo Napolitano & Chiara Riso

Here is a list of Clementina's brothers and sisters.

The Family of Francesco DeSeta

The parents of Francesco DeSeta were Alberto and Serafina Florio. The marriage record of Alberto and Serafina in the 1865 marriage records. Also found there was their "prosscetti" records which include their birth acts and other records that gave more information on the line of this family. Alberto DeSeta was born September 15, 1843 to Francesco DiSeta and Chiara Napolitano.

Serafina Florio was born in July, 1849 to Paolo Florio and Isabella Cesareo. Her father Paolo died in 1851 when Serafina was less than 2 years old. She only had 1 sister named Maria Giuseppa and a brother named Antonio. Serafina married Alberto when she was 16 years old.

I am certain I am missing most of their children, however, I have listed the ones I have found below.