About the Zingone Surname

Rosa ZingoniI have had contact with several branches of the Zingone family in the United States and Argentina. My family also has a link to this surname of Montalto Uffugo. As a result, I have decided to create this page in an attempt to help myself and others understand their Zingone connection. My greatest hope would be to connect long lost family across many countries. If you have a connection to the Zingone family, please email me in English, Spanish or Italian. If you do email me in Italian or Spanish, it may take a week to respond while I get your email translated. It seems in Argentina the surname Zingone is was changed to Zingoni. I will include all Zingone records I have on these pages. I am working on expanding the Zingone birth, marriage and death records at this time.

My Zingone Family Connection

I do know that their were many Zingone's in Montalto Uffugo during the 1800's. Every branch of my family married a Zingone and each family connected to mine - even remote connections has married a Zingone or a child of a Zingone. My grandfather was Giuseppe Napolitano. His father was Domenico Enrico Napolitano. He was called Enrico by family and friends. Enrico had many brothers and sisters. His eldest sister was Carolina Concetta Napolitano, who was born in November,1845. In October, 1862 Carolina married Costantino Zingone. You may read about Costantino and Carolina here.

Zingone Index

I have made pages specific to the Zingone surname. But, there are other Zingone's on many of the pages on this site. Many families married into the Zingone family. Listed below are the pages on this site now for the Zingone surname. If you are a Zingone from Montalto Uffugo and would like a page about your Zingone family Contact Us

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