Casualties of World War I


The following is a list of soldiers who were born in Montalto Uffugo who died while in service during World War I. The list is complete and is in alphabetical order. This list includes name of deceased soldier, his father's name, his birth date, his status and unit and a description of where and when he died. My thanks to Riccardo Bruno who researched and transcribed these records from the military archives in Italy. You may visit Riccardo's website here.

About the war deaths

I must make a note here regarding the soldiers that died of disease. Although the official records do not clarify what diseases these soldiers died from, it is interesting to note that the influenza epidemic of 1918 killed millions of people worldwide, including soldiers involved in the war. I have learned that many of these deaths occurred on the Italian Front. You will notice that some of the men died as a result of their ship sinking. After receiving help from members of the Gente Di Mare forum, I learned about the ship that sunk. I have put information about that ship below.

The Principie Umberto was built in 1909 as a passenger ship. The Italian government used it as a soldier transport on June 8, 1916 when the ship was torpedoed at Linguetta by the Austrian submarine U-5. 2,000 Italian soldiers were killed. The commanding officer of the U-5 submarine was George Ritter von Trapp. He is the same Captain von Trapp as father of von Trapp family singers, the subject of The Sound of Music movie. The soldiers who died as a result of this torpedo attack from Montalto Uffugo were:

San Fili citizens who died on this ship were:
Francesco Cribaro, age 23

The List Of Casualties