The Garrafa Families

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Photo by Angie Verri Filipowicz The Garrafa name is not Italian in origin. I believe it is Portuguese. I have found more Garrafa's in Portugal and the Carribbean than in Italy. When I began searching the family history I began knowing only a few names. My grandfather Giuseppe Napolitano, his parents, Enrico and Angela, his cousin Maria Concetta Garrafa and her parents Domenico Garrafa and his wife Emilia Napolitano and 3 other cousins. As I searched the records I found many Garrafa's. I am still trying to sift through all the names and relationships. As time permits I will attempt to include all branches of this family on these pages. For now, I will detail those linked to my own family. There are several branches of the Garrafa family I have been unable to link to anyone yet.

The Napolitano's And The Garrafa's

Our Family Relationship

Maria Concetta Garrafa Many Napolitano's and Garrafa's married. I have found over a dozen marriages between the 2 families. My Grandfather Giuseppe Napolitano was an orphan by the age of 15. After his mother's death in 1907 he lived with his Uncle Domenico Garrafa and his second wife Giuseppina Ferranti and his children from both wives. Domenico Garrafa's first wife was Emilia Napolitano the sister of Giuseppe's mother Angelina. Domenico and Emilia's daughter, Maria Concetta married Giuseppe Napolitano (a second cousin of my Grandfather) in 1905. In 1912 Maria Concetta joined her husband in Chicago never to return to the place of her birth. Emilia's brother, Bernardino was married to Maria Cristina Garrafa, who was Domenico Garrafa's cousin. Maria Cristina was the daughter of Filippo Garrafa and Maria Stella Speranza. Bernardino and Maria Cristina had at least 13 children together.

The Garrafa's took in my Grandfather, Giuseppe Napolitano and his half brothers and sisters from his mother's second marriage to Raffaele DeSeta. When I first began looking for my family in the records, Domenico Garrafa was my guide - the only name I knew was connected to my family somehow. I traced Domenico and his family as carefully as my own. Now that I know most of the family that was my grandfather's family, I am even more curious as to why Domenico Garrafa took my grandfather and his brothers and sisters into his home when their mother died. The Garrafa genealogy will be on these pages.

The Early Garrafa Families

The Catasto of Montalto has allowed us to see the early Garrafa families of Montalto. It is clear this time period is close to the beginning of this family in Calabria since there are so few of them. All the Garrafa's of Montalto appear to descend from one of 2 men, the only 2 men to have children in the Catasto done in 1748.

Antonio Garrafa, aged 30 in 1748, was married to Maddalena DiBuono and in the catasto 3 children are living with them, Giovanna, age 4, Anna age 3 and Domenico, age 1. Living with them according to the catasto are Antonio's brothers, Giovan Battista, aged 50, and Giulio age 40 and their 40 year old sister Cornelia who may have been the twin sister of Giulio since they are the same age. Later Garrafa families and many sets of twins and I even found triplets in the early 1900's. The Catasto record for this family can be viewed here .

Also found in the Catasto was Livia Garrafa, age 50, who was listed as the mother of Gennaro LoGidice. Their catasto record can be viewed here.

The only other Garrafa family listed in the Catasto of Montalto is the family of Vincenzo Garrafa. Vincenzo is listed as being 50 years old and is living with his wife Anna Gagliardi and his 2 children, Tomasso, age 10 and Nicoletta age 5. Their record from the Catasto can be viewed here. Vincenzo's profession is listed as a treater of silk.

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